Illinois State Board of Education Model School District


District 109 Central Office
7540 South 86th Avenue
Justice, IL 60458

phone: (708) 496-8700
fax: (708) 496-8641
Central Office
Dr. Blair S. Nuccio
Nancy Tough
Superintendent Secretary
OMA Designee
Crystal Skoczylas
Assistant Superintendent
Linda Kensik
Secretary to the Asst. Superintendent/Personnel
Linda Jeffers
Business Manager
FOIA Officer
Mary Ann Hotzfield
Reception, Substitutes
Linda Krynski
Payroll, Benefits
Gloria Nemeth
Accounts Payable, Purchasing
Marilyn Leja
District Cashier


Curriculum and Technology Department
Christine Baldwin
Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Betty Nowak
Curriculum Secretary
Karen Goodson
Curriculum Secretary
 Christine Priester
LSS Coordinator
Amy Bielanski 
LSS  Coordinator
Anne Whiting 
Parent Involvement Specialist
Ruba Sousan Director of ELL
John Janisch
 Director of Technology
Richard Harting
Technical Support Specialist


Pupil Personnel Services
Heath Brosseau
Director of Special Education
Jackie Hoffman
Special Education Secretary
Kathy Bordelon
School Psychologist
 Katy McCullough
School Psychologist


District Services
Tom Zolecki
Director of Maintenance and Operations
Linda Neumann
Director of Food Services







  • Curriculum Strategy

    Curriculum development in District #109 has broken away from a compartmentalized, textbook directed philosophy to a standards-driven approach that actively engages students in the learning and assessment experience. This concept provides a framework from which teachers can develop robust units of study that actively involve students in real-world problem solving.

    The goal of curriculum, instruction, and assessment is to promote high performance and achievement opportunities for all students with an emphasis on labeling services rather than students. To achieve this goal and to truly ensure that no child is left behind, the learning community of District #109 holds the following beliefs:

    •    Standards define the curriculum – not textbooks. Textbooks are examples of one kind of resource through which the Illinois Learning Standards can be taught. As a result, the Illinois Learning Standards Performance Descriptors will define the curriculum for all fundamental learning areas.
    •    Children learn best when they are actively engaged in what they are doing.
    •    Reading is the most important thing a child will ever learn. It should be incorporated into all teaching in all disciplines.
    •    Student achievement must be assessed formatively as well as summatively so that intervention strategies can be implemented in the moment.
    •    Professional development opportunities to develop a standards-driven curriculum, one that sparks student motivation and enhances achievement, will be ongoing and based on student data and the learning needs of the learning community.
    •    Curriculum development is an on-going process.  As with student achievement, it must constantly be evaluated, modified, and adjusted. Assessing student progress provides one means of measuring the current curriculum's effectiveness; collecting data about student progress is another.


    Mission Statement | Professional Development | RtI Process | Curriculum Initiatives | Title I Plan

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